• Several common problems with sudden timekeeping errors:
    Insufficient power reserve: Firstly, check whether the power is sufficient. A watch with automatic winding may cause insufficient power reserve if there is small amount of movement. You can supplement the power through manual winding, and then observe whether the watch goes fast or slow.
    Magnetization of the watch: If the hairspring of the mechanical watch is magnetized, the watch will generally go faster.
    Maintenance required: The lack of oil in the movement or the wear and aging of internal parts may cause timekeeping problems. The watch needs to be sent to a designated repair place for regular maintenance services .
    Beating or bumping: The mechanical watch is a very precise instrument. When the watch is bumped or beaten, loosening or damage of the internal parts or timekeeping problems may occur.
    In addition to the above common situations, the environmental temperature and using habits of wearers may increase the timekeeping errors.
    But you need not to worry. Please send the watch to a designated repair place for inspection and adjustment, to restore the watch to a normal range of errors.
  • Mechanical watches control their uniform and accurate timekeeping through the interior mechanical devices. These mechanical devices may have errors caused by gravity, ambient temperature, etc.
    Generally, the error of mechanical watch is calculated on daily basis, which varies depending on the model and manufacturing quality of the movement.
    Swiss Federal Standard: Daily error of less than 30 seconds is within the normal range.
  • It is recommended that customers should wind the watch manually to observe the time of watch. The difference between an automatic movement and a manual movement is the way of winding.
    The manual-winding watches need to be manually wound every day, while the automatic-winding watches have internal automatic winding system that can automatically wind by the movement of the wrists.
    An automatic-winding watch usually has a power reserve of about 42 h.
    When a watch is not worn or the movement of activity is low, the automatic-winding watches may have insufficient power reserve. The power reserve energy can be supplemented by manual winding.
    If a manual-winding or automatic-winding mechanical watch is not used frequently or not used for a long time, please wind the watch regularly to keep the watch movement to rotate and maintain at a good working ability.
  • We provide customers with a two-year global warranty. The watches purchased from a brand franchiser can enjoy the warranty services specified in the warranty service clauses with valid warranty cards and invoices.
    Please understand that the cycle for watch maintenance of AGELOCER Service Center is about 30 working days.
    You can contact us at info@agelocer to check the watch repair and maintenance process and other watch repair and maintenance information; if it is sent to a store for repair, you can directly check it through the store.