About the brand


Focus On Vogue Mechanical Watches
A maker of mechanical watch

Inherit craftsmanship, design the future

AGELOCER has been continuously deepening technologies and expanding attempts in compass-style progress, extending multiple design styles.
“Inherit craftsmanship, design the future” is our design concept.


Broaden the boundary and explore the world. AGELOCER has always described a happy life in its own way.

Born to be active

The concept of exploration has always been rooted in AGELOCER’s genes. The sports-style works integrates the essence of maturity and bravery, presenting the pursuit of excellence of Swiss watch making.

Hollow art

The hollow process is a masterpiece of AGELOCER specializing in traditional mechanical technology and modern industrial design.

AGELOCER quality

We insist on expanding the design and application of new materials using excellent raw materials, to achieve stable and reliable quality.

Pursuit of art

We pursue for a wrist watch that perfectly combines infinite creativity and impeccable quality at the beginning.

Origin in Workshop

All production must be strictly controlled from the initial design to the final production and testing, from a small part to a perfect watch. Every watch has its life, AGELOCER watches start their journey of time and record every happy life after leaving the factory.

Technology and materials

AGELOCER firmly believes that every detail must be considered to become a masterpiece. All parts of a watch, including the movement, the exterior and interior of the case, the dial, and the crown, etc., should be carefully processed. After multiple processes such as rolling, cutting, chamfering, buffing, polishing and assembly, the precision parts are perfectly combined with the machinery. AGELOCER knows various materials well, incorporates bold designs and creates masterpieces.